Service Terms and Conditions

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Additional Charges

Tolls, parking, airport fees and other surcharges not included in the estimate may also apply to the final price.

Late Cancellation and No Show Policy

A late cancellation fee will be charged to all reservations if not canceled within the minimum stated time and prior to the scheduled pick up time.

A no show fee equal to the reservation rate, airport parking fee, tolls, and other charges will be charged if the passenger does not arrive as scheduled at the designated customer/chauffeur meeting location for all reservations.

To avoid a late cancellation or no show fee, the reservation must be canceled in accordance with NYC Limousine cancellation policy. To do so, you may either call 1-877-727-3551, 212-551-3380 and 718-233-4343

If you experience difficulty locating the chauffeur, please call the telephone number listed on the email confirmation. Leaving the pick-up location without notifying HollywoodSUV will result in a no-show charge.

Wait Time – Airport Transfers

All airport transfers allow for reasonable wait time due to flight and baggage delays (complimentary waiting time of 45 minutes from the arrival time for international flights and 30 minutes for the domestic flights). If the customer requests additional wait time at either the pickup or destination location, it will be added to the transfer rate, which will be the hourly rate of the vehicle prorated at fifteen (15) minute intervals.

Wait Time – Non-Airport Transfers

Customers are permitted fifteen (15) minutes of wait time after the scheduled pickup time. Wait time beyond the fifteen (15) minutes will incur the transfer base charge plus the hourly charge prorated in fifteen (15) minute intervals.


Rate includes the driver fee, service provider fee, and concierge fee. Concierge fee can be up to 100 percentage of the rate.

Rate Estimates

Rates prior to service are only an initial estimate of the cost of services reserved. Wait time and/or additional services may change the final price.

Child Safety Seats

For your convenience, HollywoodSUV can provide one free Child Safety Seat. HollywoodSUV charges a fee of fifteen dollars($15)for an additional baby seat or booster seat. However, neither HollywoodSUV, its affiliates nor any of their respective shareholders, directors, employees, partners, members, managers, contractors, agents, successors and assigns make any warranties or representations as to the quality, safety, reliability or timeliness of any ride or trips you may take or transportation you may use, and assumes no liability or responsibility therefore.

Lost or Misplaced Items

Please note that HollywoodSUV assumes no liability for any lost or misplaced personal property or any other items left in any vehicle.