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Today there is actually more demand for luxury car services than ever before.
It is very easy to order a taxi service or UBER, but still a lot more people car about the total experience rather than just get to where they need to. Here are some reason limo services are better than your taxi or UBER :


Taxis try to be as competitive priced as possible so they compromise on quality; Annoying drivers and Dirty cars are just a few examples.
But with a limo service, you will never have those kinds of problems; The standard for operating is much stricter compare to Taxi or UBER.
In a taxi service, your experiences will be different every time, but with a limo you’ll get the same proper etiquette each and every time and there will be no unpleasant surprises.


For most customers, it is a factor which matters most when selecting the service that is right for you. Taxi may result to lots of time for waiting. But with a limo, you can schedule bookings in advance. The chauffer will wait for you before your agreed time.


Taxi services are mostly suited for short rides, while a limousine company can provide you longer rides like trips on far away airports, interstate journey, tourist sightseeing and more. If your ride in a taxi while there’s a rush hour, you’ll pay for the extra time so it’s not always the cheapest  option, even for short rides.


Every passenger cares about the way the driver behaves and some Taxi/UBER drivers can be really disturbing as they talk on the phone or play music you don’t like… or too loud.
If you are late, a Taxi driver might even get upset…
Not all taxi drivers are polite or friendly – some are tired and upset on something – or just stressfull or focused on their own life and doesn’t really pay attention to the needs of the passenger… many times it’s a side job for them that they don’t really care about.

Many UBER drivers do not even understand the meaning of giving good service as they are not really drivers… just private people.

But, with limo services they always abide by a higher standard that you expect from a high service provider.
Every driver is properly trained and requires class and good manner or he will not be hired by the Limo Company.

They are very knowledgeable about the proper behavior and always stay courteous, no matter what you do and how you behave.

At Hollywood Car & Limo we strive to give the most superior Limo Service in New York – especially when it comes to reliability and fair pricing. With our extensive advantages, you will find us to be perfect for your needs – as our service is not just about luxury of cars and expertise in driving – but a quality service that you’d love to experience again & again.
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Why deal with the stress of fighting traffic to get to and from the airport, when you can enjoy the benefits of limousine rental in New York ? Whether you travel for business, vacation or other purpose, arriving in comfort & style can be easily achieved by scheduling our reliable airport limousine service at Hollywood Car & Limo.


Traveling can be so tiresome & stressful especially with air travel, so why worry about your ride to the airport too??
The experience can be frustrating if choosing the wrong company… why not pamper yourself with our comfortable and luxurious limousine and enjoy a superior and luxurious travel experience.
You don’t have to worry about traffic because an experienced and trained driver will do it all for you… while you enjoy a piece of quiet in the backseat. Our Limos are fully noise proof.

So sit back, relax and wait to arrive to destination… using the best limo service is a fantastic way to start or end your travel – so you owe yourself reserving a Limo at Hollywood Car & Limo in New York.

Our reliable drivers are always helpful – they will take care of your bags, and if you are new to New York they can point out some local attractions along the way.


Are you arranging travel for important clients or visitors? You can make a good impression the moment they step out of the airport with our amazing fleet of Limousines in New York.
An airport limousine service to and from the airport makes a positive statement.
Don’t let them look for a taxi or deal with a shuttle – when you can provide a private vehicle with a uniformed chauffeur to show a respectful gesture or impress your clients and visitors.
An airport limo service is actually an inexpensive way to make sure that your visitors have a memorable experience and never stop doing business with you… 1st impression is everything in business !


Our Limousine Company in Brooklyn New york will love to partner with you and make your travel as smooth as possible.
Upon your arrival at the airport, a courteous and experienced professional chauffeur will be ready help you with your luggage and take you to your destination.
Our drivers are locals and knowledgeable about what our city has to offer.
They also know the fastest routes to where you’re going, so you can be sure that you would not be late for a very important meeting, event or occasion.

Hollywood Car & Limo is your land travel partner, ensuring that you get from Point A to Point B with a great level of comfort all the time.
Your convenience and safety is our top priority.




Your wedding may only happen once in your lifetime and may be the biggest event of your life so far…

so why not invest in the best wedding limo service in NY to transport you from the hotel or Home to your wedding venue?.


Hollywood Car & Limo will add a touch of class and elegance to your special day as we offer a wide range of wedding packages to accommodate all of your needs.



Your wedding is the begining of your new life with the love of your life… Hence, you need to make sure that everything is perfect, including your transportation.

HollywoodCarAndLimo.com has the most reliable chauffeurs in the industry and the most luxurious limousine Fleet that will take you to the church and to the reception venue in style.



With our Wedding Limo services in New York, you do not need to borrow a car from your friends… and there is also no need for you to experience the stress and the hassle of renting a car and looking for a licensed driver as well.

Our licensed and insured drivers are here for you !

Preparing for your wedding is stressful enough and so, we wanted to reduce the stress and burden on your part in terms of your transportation.




If you think that our wedding limo services are only for the bride and groom, you’re in for surprise… most new couples today offer a transportation for their family, friends and their guests too.

We will assure you that your guests would arrive safely to your wedding.

We would also make sure your guest’s experience is as comfortable as possible… not to mention luxurious and stylish.



Whether you want an SUV limousine or a traditional Limo – you will find the limousine that you are looking for with Hollywood Car & Limo.

We do our best to have new and up to date fleet that couples can enjoy during their wedding.


More than anything, all our limousines are safe and comfortable – and our chauffeurs come professionally dressed… for a wedding !

So, if you are in need of a Wedding Limo in New York – we are here to help !

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Top December Events in New York You Should Not Miss

Indulge in New York’s vibrant holiday spirit being part of these fascinating events the Big Apple celebrates in the last of the month of the year!

New Yorkers are known for their party-loving nature. And when it is the last month of the year, their celebration spirit is at its zenith. And why not? In December, almost every day is marked by a fascinating fete going on in one part of NYC or other. From star-studded music concerts and annual festive celebrations to the famous Times Square theatrical shows and vibrant holiday markets- the month truly boasts the party spirit of the Big Apple.

Here, we have handpicked some fabulous December events that New Yorkers would be excited about.

Ball Drop in The Times Square

Be part of the world’s most dazzling New Year’s celebration at the famous Times Square. The carnival sees swarms of locals and tourists from around the world gathering to witness fascinating celebration in from of music shows, amazing concerts, games and of course fireworks. The atmosphere is electric even at noon. But the real exhilaration strikes when countdown to the New Year begins. The time stands still as the whole areas becomes a display of unforgettable fireworks.

Be sure to reach there as early as possible. Times Square streets start getting filled even at noon, with the choicest places being picked as early as 3 pm. You better book car service brooklyn ny to ensure a pleasant and private ride for you and your family.

Image result

Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

NYC Christmas festivity at its best – this is how Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting is often described. Stunningly decorated 80-feet tall Norway spruce, towering above an ice rink, pulled in hordes of revelers looking to soak up early Christmas celebrations. Star-studded shows and concerts ensure the arrivals have enough to indulge in. While the Big Event occurs on November 29, the glitz and gusto can be relished all through December to early January.

23 Days of Flatiron Cheer

Nowhere parades true New York holiday-time traditions as astoundingly as the annual 23 Days of Flatiron Cheer does. For first 3 weeks of December, the area surrounding the Flatiron Building gets abuzz lots of interactive installations, and enthralling contests and performances from local groups. There are superb decorations everywhere at North Public Plaza at Broadway and 23rd Street. Many local businesses offer interesting giveaways too.

New York Holiday Markets

Grab your shopping bags, and set off for an unforgettable retail therapy at New York’s world-famous holiday markets. Blending a fantastic shopping spree with New York’s festival spirit are these markets, held every Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, between 1st and 23rd December.

Explore local art and craft, and enjoy delicious delicacies. Warm up on sumptuous Christmas drinks while taking in the views of festive lights.

No matter where in New York you are, getting to these fabulous events is not a hassle anymore; thanks to the professional limousine service New York committed to provide breezy ride throughout the city. Those interested can book and rest assured of getting to their favorite events on time and in style. All they need is to hire reliable limo services Brooklyn, and their journey will be mesmeric affair. For families and groups of friends, limousine services Brooklyn or NYC are not as expensive as they might appear.