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We love to offer point-to-point transportation to our clients, though many people have never heard of this. Our Hollywood limousine service offers point-to-point transportation as a way of lowering costs for our customers. We want you to get the most for your buck, and that’s why we offer you the chance to experience one of the best transportation services in Brooklyn, New York City & the Tri State Area. When you book one of our limos,Luxury SUV,Luxury Cars for a service, you might want to go numerous places and book for a certain number of hours to enjoy a night out. You want to go from home to a lovely restaurant and back home at the end of the night. We offer this service, but we also offer something a little more to the point. Let us help you understand.


This type of service is simple. You want to go somewhere, and you just need to get there. We know all too well what it’s like to want to take a luxurious ride with a chauffeur to a meeting, but the cost of hiring a limo to take you there is too much when you don’t need the same ride home. Perhaps you’re leaving with your company and don’t need another limo to bring you back home or to the office. Our point-to-point service allows you to book our services one way.

We send a professional chauffeur in one of our luxury cars to pick you up, take you where you want to go, and merely drop you off. We don’t stick around and wait for you if you don’t need us again. It’s a lot like an airport transfer, but you can go anywhere you want without only being offered our services when you need to get to or from an airport.


Many people wonder if they’re going to receive the same quality of service choosing the point-to-point route when they travel with us. The simple answer is yes. You always receive the same great service when you work with our Hollywood Car And Limo luxury service, no matter how long you require our assistance. We open your door, we help you with your items, and we always make sure you have received all you need from us.

It’s more cost-effective for many people to use our point-to-point service, and it’s something we are proud and honored to provide our clients. If you need to get from one point to another without any stops or for us to wait on you, we can help you book one of our comfortable, safe, and luxurious cars to get you there. This is not a service limited to only one or two people. We can use any luxury car to service as many people as you need. Let Hollywood Car And Limousine help you make the most of your trips by offering personalized service for you no matter your needs. Our professional chauffeurs work hard for every client, and we offer the highest in customer satisfaction.